The Omnia Sol Art Show is glitch art talk show hosted by Omnia Sol. Aesthetically, the show explores the vast and wondrous, psychedelic  worlds of digital and analog glitch art technology with music and artist interviews. The show exists as a "living sketchbook" or digital time capsule to highlight Omnia Sol's existential artistic subjectivity. Each episode is uploaded to YouTube. Previous live episodes as well as bonus episodes of The Omnia Sol Art Show are available exclusively on Patreon.  
Omnia Sol (Latin for “Everywhere Sun”) is a cartoonist, digital/analog glitch artist, musician, and contributor to Locust Review residing in Chicago, Illinois. They are the author and illustrator of H3AD1355: A Glitchcraft Novel published by Void Front Press, the coloring book CHAOS COLORING, as well as various other comix and zines. Some of Omnia Sol’s artistic influences include alchemy, left wing politics, esotericism, op art, kinetic art, visual noise, glitch art, as well as comic books and pop culture. 

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