Today we are joined for part two of our interview with musician t4mber rec4ll. 
t4mber rec4ll is performed/generative "almost music"; their music is something that sits between "actual music" and chaos. For the artist, it supports unfolding interpretation; for the listener, it may deconstruct discursive and fixed patterns of thinking by way of fucking with musical space/time. ZI7III was produced in quadraphonic on a 7U eurorack modular synthesizer–additional production notes provided on Bandcamp. 
All music in this episode was provided by t4mber rec4ll 
ZI7III EP is available in quadraphonic format on Bandcamp 
t4mber rec4ll YouTube 
t4mber rec4ll LinkTree  
If you would like your music featured on the show, email me at omniasolart@gmail.com 
All footage used for educational, review, and transformational artistic purposes only. 
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